Scalable Processing Capacity

Virtual Instances

The scalability and flexibility of independent hardware

Hardware Independence

Virtual instances are virtual emulations of a physical computer and this hardware independence allows you a high degree of scalability and flexibility of both hardware and software.

Virtual servers are an ideal solution for dynamic workloads, such as apps that need to be quickly launched and closed down.

Custom Configuration

Virtual instances are best known for their flexibility that allows these virtual servers to be configured as close as possible to your actual computational needs.

By purchasing an instance that fits your precise professional needs, you will be able to optimize both your workflow and expenditure, while avoiding unnecessary costs.

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Why you should use bare metal cloud instances

The Benefits

— 01Scalability

The process of virtual instances configuration is not physically demanding, so providing you with additional virtual servers, when the need arises, can be done quickly.

— 02Flexibility

Virtual instances’ innate flexibility makes it easier to create a customized system that matches, on a more precise level, your exact computational capacity needs.

— 03Usability

Since virtual servers come with an OS, and soon also with configured apps for you to choose from, this takes your mind of installing, configuring, and updating software.

How high-performance computing helps professionals

Use Cases

Next-generation computing power solution

Highly Dynamic Workloads

Due to their flexibility, virtual servers are a great solution when it comes to workloads that have sudden intensive performance spikes - this is often the case with online retailers who expect traffic spikes during sales.

Test and Development Environments

Since they offer the full functionality of a physical computer, virtual instances can conveniently serve as environments for testing and development due to them being isolated from the user’s primary infrastructure.

Time-Sensitive Workloads

Virtual instances are a perfect match for applications that need to be launched quickly and run for a short period of time before they can be turned off, as well as those that need to be spun both up and down swiftly.

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Instances That Fit Your High-Performance Computing Needs

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Virtual Accelerate

Our data centers leverage the power of best-in-class professional GPUs and by using a hypervisor, create a virtualization environment to accelerate compute-intensive server workloads.

Depending on the specific needs of your industry, we are working on providing you with a choice between Virtual Instances and Virtual Instances with pre-installed software (OS included in both solutions).

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