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Bare Metal Instances

Dedicated physical servers that offer physical isolation

Secure Servers

This feature ensures your data is secure and that your hardware is your own. Bare Metal servers are ideal for workloads that require dedicated resources and a high level of security, as well as data-intensive applications.

Augmented Performance

Bare Metal Instances are the right choice for professionals who have all their tools and resources but lack the computing power to accelerate their performance and take their work to the next level. With root access, you are the only user who has control over the server which means your mission-critical workloads will be safe on the cloud.

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Why you should use bare metal cloud instances

The Benefits

— 01Performance

The absence of virtualization layers means you have direct access to the hardware infrastructure which enables servers to perform faster and better.

— 02Security

The physical segregation of your hardware infrastructure allows for a highly secure environment for any type of data you are currently working on.

— 03Control

Since it’s dedicated solely to your needs, you can optimize the server for your particular workloads to get the most out of your computing power.

How high-performance computing helps professionals

Use Cases

Enhanced computing capacity within your reach

Apps With Strict Security Requirements

Bare metal servers are the best instances of choice in finance, healthcare, retail, and e-commerce industries, in cases when the workloads include complex requirements for regulatory compliance, privacy, and security.

Tasks with Large Datasets

In case of demanding and extensive projects deployed over sustained periods of time, such as workloads related to ERP, SCM, and CRM systems, bare metal instances are a great match to enable a consistent and steady workflow.

Performance-Centric Workloads

Bare metal has proved to be a perfect fit for high-performance workloads such as rendering frames for special effects, animated and 3D movies as its data-crunching abilities significantly reduce the time needed for the output.

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Instances That Fit Your High-Performance Computing Needs

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Bare Accelerate

The GPU instances of our Bare Metal servers offer an evolutionary leap in performance. They have been designed, built, and tested for the most demanding data center simulation, AI, visualization, and compute workloads.

Depending on the specific needs of your profession, you will be able to choose between Bare Metal Instances without an OS, and Bare Metal Instances with an OS.

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