A Platform for Accelerated Cloud Computing

We believe in enabling human progress by harnessing the power of GPU-based performance computing, the workhorse of tomorrow.

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Dream Bigger

Envision a world where human potential is no longer inhibited by hardware limitations, a world where it’s allowed to thrive on its stellar ideas.

Shared resources for cloud computing infrastructure are the fuel for the world's future. They are becoming essential and represent a crucial foundation, as much as electric power and transportation infrastructure.

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Partnering Up With the Biggest Names in the Industry

The power of nature brings us closer to the future.

Cloud Computing Infrastructure

From video rendering and image processing tasks to the complex AI and data science model training processes, we've got you covered. Whether you are an engineer, scientist, or creative professional, you have a choice between bare metal instances and virtual instances, depending on your needs and resources.

Our data centers feature best-in-class GPUs with powerful compute architecture and servers with composable infrastructure that allows various configurations that meet your demands. HIVE Performance Cloud’s robust cloud computing infrastructure boasts various applications for its remote users.

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Locations of Our Data Centers

  • Canada
  • Sweden

Canada is the world’s fourth generator of hydroelectric power - its impressive network of hydroelectric stations keeps our GPU instances working round the clock.