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When visionaries have the right resources, the possibilities are endless. HIVE Performance Cloud is a high-performance computing infrastructure that enables you to take your business game to the next level. As your enterprise-grade ally, we grant you the resources you need to focus on growth.

Professionals from every industry can leverage our accelerated computational power. From training machine learning models, rendering astonishing special effects and video game characters, to enabling scientists to predict storms and hurricane paths, HPC empowers all your endeavors for the long haul.

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Find the Best Solution for Your Cloud Computing Needs
Bare Metal Instances

Those of you who prefer having a clean slate to configure in accordance with their needs, will be happy to learn that our bare metal instances will be available to you shortly!

Bare Metal Instances With an OS

Arriving soon to our data centers: bare metal servers supplied with an OS! If you see OS installation and maintenance as a hassle, the good news is that we're taking it over from you.

Virtual Instances With an OS

We are working hard to offer you the solution for your dynamic workloads - virtual servers with an OS ready for you to install your tools and use them for your expertise.

Virtual Instances With an OS and Software

If you would rather have all of your tools in one place, you'll soon have the option to customize your virtual instances solution by selecting software that fits your particular workload.

High-tech, easy to use, reasonably priced, and user-oriented

Why Hive Performance Cloud?

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Ensure your work is backed by robust technology. Our cutting-edge GPUs and CPUs will help accelerate even the most demanding data processing workloads.

Support From an Expert Team

Whenever you need help, our team will be there. Our tech-savvy customer support team members are ready to take on all your questions, without bots intervening.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Our price-performance ratio is above par. Our solutions will cut your infrastructure costs in half and most importantly, you will always know what and how much you pay.

Intuitive User Interface

Simplify your cloud computing experience. Our priority is to help you find the right solution quickly and effortlessly regardless of your technical knowledge.

Ensure your workloads’ complexity is backed by the right compute capacity that will help your ideas reach the next level.
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The Momentum Is Back

Fast-forward ten years ago to today, it is clear the momentum pendulum has swung in favor of renewable energy. What is good for the environment became good for our users and good for our businesses - all at the same time.

Since data centers are large energy-consumptive platforms, where this energy comes from is of utmost importance. This is why we ensured HPC data centers are run by renewable energy sources - hydroelectric and geothermal power - and that premise dictated the location of all our data centers.

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